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Friday, July 18, 2014

Volkswagen Wants To Bring CarPlay To Their 2016 Models

Of the 30 odd car companies that have been announced by Apple to be integrating CarPlay at some point, Volkswagen isn't one of them. But according to a post on 9to5Mac a couple of days ago, the German automaker is said to be in talks with Apple to bring CarPlay to their 2016 line of VW vehicles.

When Apple announced iPod integration with vehicles a few years ago, Volkswagen was one of the early adopters. It was surprising to many when they weren't included in the CarPlay lineup a couple of months ago.

Both, Apple and Volkswagen, have declined to comment on the CarPlay collaboration according to 9to5Mac.

Another interesting bit of information from the post on 9to5Mac is that Apple is rumored to be working on a CarPlay update for future iOS versions that will allow users to use the software wirelessly instead of using a wired connection. More on this soon.

News source: 9to5Mac
Image source: Volkswagen

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