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Thursday, December 8, 2011

MIXTRAX: A New AppRadio Compatible App

MIXTRAX is the latest AppRadio compatible app

This is great. Slowly but surely a number of apps have started rolling out in the iOS app store that are compatible with Pioneer Electronics' AppRadio. The latest one comes from Pioneer Corporation themselves and it's called MIXTRAX.

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The app costs $1.99 in the app store. There is also a free version but I haven't tried it out. MIXTRAX promises to behave like a virtual DJ using the songs in your iPod Touch/iPhone library. The virtual DJ is so intelligent that it promises to analyze the beats in every song, compile a mix and add effects at the same time. There are a few presets available for the type of mixes you would like to hear: Beat, Chill, Thump, Distortion and High. But that's not all. Ala Apple's Genius mix or Pandora, MIXTRAX can create a whole new custom mix around a selected track. You can also set the length of the whole mix to 10, 30 or 60-minute lengths. You can use MIXTRAX as an audio player itself too. And if there is a mix that you like a lot you can share it on Twitter right from your AppRadio or iDevice.

Some of the few mixes available on MIXTRAX

There is a footnote on the app's description page that mentions that the song metadata from your iDevice needs to by analyzed by Pioneer's MIXTRAX internet server. Also that not all songs on your iPhone/iPod Touch may be supported and may require a sync using a PC.

I must mention that I used the app earlier today and my entire library got analyzed within a few minutes. Although I haven't used the app at a length I am very impressed already. I took a short trip to run an errand and MIXTRAX mixed a few songs from my iPhone pretty well. What it basically does is plays a certain section of a song, about a minute long or you can choose it to play almost the entire song, fading in and out between songs. And there are some good effects thrown in between songs. Whatever it is I had a good time using the app for the first time.

The AppRadio interface for MIXTRAX is beautiful with nice backgrounds.
The app interface on the AppRadio is very beautiful. There are some nice backgrounds based on the type of mix you choose. The 'now playing' page shows you the upcoming song and the song that just played with of course the one that's playing right now. You can scroll sideways through the entire mix and skip to any song you please.

So far so good. Since this app was made by Pioneer itself, I'm guessing it will work very well with the AppRadio. Looking forward to using MIXTRAX a little more so I can get to know it better. Check back for more.

The setup in my car featuring MIXTRAX

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