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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Music Apps On AppRadio Get Ranked

Here's how I'd rank the music apps compatible with AppRadio.

It's all about the mood you're in. Of course you can listen to music by genre but it sounds more cool when you can listen by "mood".

4. StreamS HiFi Radio
With this app you can feel like you're driving in France while listening to 'Ma French Musique Nouvelle Scรจne' or in Argentina while listening to 'Prisa Radio'. Along with a long list of radio stations by geographic location you can listen by genre, weather stations and chart toppers.

3. Music
Apple's iPod Music app is simple but with an AppRadio interface that may need some updating. Scrolling through menu lists for example require you to tap the arrow buttons. But simply because I have over 2000 current songs which I'm always updating (out with the old, in with the new), I put this at number 3 and use it quite often.

2. Pandora
Almost everyone knows and loves Pandora. And I like it even more during the holiday season because playing Christmas music is easy using Pandora. Just add a 'Christmas Music' station to your list and voila! You'll have endless holiday tunes filling up your ride.

1. MIXTRAX by Pioneer
I have been raving about MIXTRAX for a while now. If you follow my posts I have written about it earlier. This app is awesome. I love the AppRadio interface and the virtual DJ does an exceptional job on the fly. My numero uno!

Note: Notice that I don't have Rdio on here. Although I like the interface it is still a paid subscription type app costing $10 a month for streaming.

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