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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

UPDATE: DashCommand Data Logging Issue

I've received a response to my email to Palmer Performance Engineering regarding the inability of the DashCommand app to save the log file on my iPhone 4S. I had informed them that I tried logging data for about 3 hours on a recent trip and my phone froze while trying to save the file. The file was never saved. Here is the email from tech support.

We have logged a several hour trip before, but we haven't tested on the
iPhone 4S with a really large file like that. We'll start testing this and
make sure it can save large logs.

I know that we have saved a 3-4 hour log on Android before without any trouble.

Obviously DashCommand needs more testing on the iPhone 4S. For AppRadio owners this is the only device that matters really. The fact that it works on Android doesn't really help. Hopefully a fix will come soon because the $50 investment in the app is quite a large one.

More updates soon.

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