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Sunday, December 4, 2011

DashCommand Data Logging Issue

DashCommand's data logging feature needs a fix.
So I tried to log my vehicle data using DashCommand on a recent 500-mile trip. I started logging data when I left my house and tried to stop the logging when I got to my destination 250 miles away. The app tried to save the data log file on my iPhone 4S but after waiting for almost 20 minutes for the task to complete I gave up because my iPhone froze. I had to do a hard reset.

On my way back home I started logging data again.
When I got home I tried to stop the logging and save the file, hoping that the issue was a one off the first time. I made sure I restarted my phone before starting to log the data and all apps were launched afresh. But the issue reoccured. My iPhone froze and as I sat there in my car for another 30 minutes nothing happened. I had to do a hard reset again. On checking whether DashCommand had any files saved I found nothing. No saved data log files.

I have contacted Palmer Performance Engineering asking for help on this issue. Hopefully it is a bug that will be fixed in the near future. DashCommand was recently updated and promised a host of bug fixes. Obviously there is a lot of smoothing out to do.

As far as the AppRadio goes, DashCommand worked great throughout the trip. I could check my fuel consumption as I went along and adjusted my driving to maximize efficiency. Which meant finding the right speed, acceleration, braking etc. Just FYI my average fuel consumption for the 500 mile trip was 32.1 mpg. Pretty nifty!

Check back for an update on the freezing issue for data logging. Hopefully Palmer Performance will reply to my support request.

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