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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Reduce Glare With A Matte Screen Protector For The AppRadio

The AppRadio has a crisp, glossy screen. However, it becomes hard to see in bright sunlight. When the sun glares through the rear window it's almost impossible to see what's displayed on the screen from the drivers seat. It can be quite annoying. Glossy screens have such reflection issues. One way of solving this problem is using a matte screen protector on the device's screen. So finding one with the right size for the AppRadio is key.

The AppRadio screen is 6.1 inches in size. There are a couple of screen protectors I found on eBay for the AppRadio but are a little pricey at around $15. Getting an iPad screen protector (9.7 inch screen) would be a lot cheaper. It can then be cut to size. But this can be tricky. Cutting a screen protector has to be precise.

 So, I am currently in the process of getting an iPad screen protector (matte/non-glossy) for my AppRadio. I will write an updated post regarding my experience once I have it installed. More soon.

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