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Friday, May 1, 2015

Pioneer Support Clarifies AppRadio 4 (SPH-DA120) Firmware Version 1.08 Details

After learning that new Pioneer AppRadio 4 (SPH-DA120) head units were shipping out with firmware version 1.08, I did some digging around for more information. The latest firmware version available for download from Pioneer's website is version 1.07, so where did 1.08 come from and how is it different from its predecessor?

I contacted Pioneer support hoping for an answer, and this is the reply I received today...

Q: I just found out that new AppRadio 4 devices are shipping with firmware version 1.08 while my AppRadio 4 has version 1.07. Will 1.08 be available for download anytime soon? What's different in the newer version?

Pioneer Support (sic.): Thank you for contacting Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

There is no difference between the two updates. It was just a way for us to know production time of the units and they are identical so you will not see a 1.08 update available for download for these units.

So there you have it. The two firmware versions are essentially the same. No CarPlay bug fixes are included in the newer version as speculated before.

Whether there will be a firmware update for the Pioneer AppRadio 4 anytime soon with noticeable changes remains to be seen.

Image source: Ian

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