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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Get Smart With Your Keys - KeySmart Review [Pictures]

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about KeySmart, a modern and seamless key carrying solution. If you, like me, carry a bunch of keys with your car keys, this product may simplify your life a little.

The folks over at KeySmart sent me a sample for review recently and I've been using it since. Read along for my full review and additional pictures.

KeySmart - Compact Key Holder

- Made in the USA from aircraft aluminum, stainless steel, and a laser engraved logo.
- No more pocket bulge or thigh poke
- Compact, quiet, and lightweight
- Included loop ring to attach car fobs and other accessories
- Available in different models that hold 2-4 keys, 2-8 keys, 2-8 keys with 8GB pen drive, 2-10 keys, 2-22 keys, and 2-20 keys with 8GB pen drive
- Available in Compact (for short keys) or Extended (for longer keys)
- Available in Black, Blue, and Red

I received a compact, black model for review.

Packaging & What's included: KeySmart comes packaged in a plastic sleeve. Included with your key holder are a car key loop, one expansion piece, and a total of 3 spacers/dividers. With the compact model you can attach up to 6 keys or 5 keys with the car key loop. 

I was also sent an expansion pack which includes two expansion pieces and 10 spacers.

Spacers can be used when using a USB pen drive with your KeySmart. You can even purchase an 8GB pen drive model from them.

No instructions for assemble are included in the packaging. For that you will have to visit the KeySmart website.

Installation: KeySmart has included a How-To video on its website on how to organize your keys. The assembly is very simple. You will need a flathead screwdriver for best results. Any other object like a coin can be used too. I used a key to unscrew the ends of the KeySmart.

Disassemble the KeySmart and figure out which keys you want organized. You can organize keys separately by attaching them at different ends. Use the spacers if needed and expansion pieces if using more than two keys at one end. Make sure both ends of the KeySmart are equally wide.

Put the KeySmart together by screwing the ends tight. I found that using spacers helped make the connection tighter. 

Impressions: The thin, narrow, Swiss army knife-style design ensures your keys are organized neatly and can be accessed easily. Having a KeySmart greatly reduces the bulk and prevents keys from poking into your thighs. The car key loop is a no-brainer, allowing you to attach even the bulkiest key fob to the KeySmart.

You can flatten out the KeySmart by arranging your keys at both ends equally. But I found having spacers/dividers between keys at the same end a better alternative. It makes finding the key you want to use a little easier. Especially if you have similar looking keys.

The only downside to the KeySmart is getting the keys out for use with one hand if you happen to be carrying something with the other hand. Single hand use can be a little difficult. In those instances it's better to have your keys loosely hanging from the keychain. But I prefer having my keys neatly organized rather than in a loose bunch.

The KeySmart website advises against using keys with rubberized ends just because the pivoting mechanism may not work properly. But I tried a rubberized key with the KeySmart and it worked without issues.

Price: KeySmart can be purchased starting at $17.99 from Amazon. Here is a breakdown with links to purchase...

1. Compact Black 2-4 keys, 2-22 keys or 2-20 keys with 8GB starting at $17.99

2. Compact Red 2-8 keys, 2-8 keys with 8GB, 2-10 keys, 2-22 keys, 2-20 keys with 8GB starting at $19.99

3. Compact Blue 2-8 keys, 2-8 keys with 8GB, 2-22 keys, 2-20 keys with 8GB starting at $19.99

4. Extended Black 2-8 keys, 2-8 keys with 8GB, 2-22 keys, 2-20 keys with 8GB starting at $19.98

5. Extended Red 2-8 keys, 2-8 keys with 8GB, 2-22 keys, 2-20 keys with 8GB starting at $19.98

6. Extended Blue 2-8 keys, 2-8 keys with 8GB, 2-22 keys, 2-20 keys with 8GB starting at $19.98

Additional Pictures:

Titanium Model: KeySmart offers a KeySmart 2.0 Titanium model starting at $39.98. Check that one out too.

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