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Thursday, May 7, 2015

AppRadio App Update Includes Small Fix For First Generation AppRadio Users

This doesn't happen very often. Pioneer has released an update to its AppRadio app in iOS that includes a small fix for first generation AppRadio (SPH-DA01/SPH-DA02) users. But that's not all. The app has added a few other improvements to AppRadio Mode in general.

Full details are below.

The first generation AppRadio was released about four years ago. Pioneer's breakthrough device at the time launched with a great concept in mind, to bring smartphone apps to your car dashboard. But the integration wasn't always seamless and a lot of initial issues cropped up which were never really fixed.

Today's update doesn't fix all of those issues but the following improvements have been added nonetheless...

AppRadio (version 2.8.4) - App Store description

To AppRadio Mode users: Updating to iOS 8.3 fixes Apps crashing when they access the head unit keyboard.To new AppRadio One users: Welcome, and please check if your product firmware version corresponds to the update made available on your local Pioneer website. 
• New Feature: Automatic launch of your favourite compatible App• Fixed: Some AppRadio Mode users were presented with a too narrow set of compatible Apps• Fixed: App launch icons were not refreshing• Fixed: Contact keyboard search possible again for SPH-DA01/02 users on iOS 8• Minor improvements in Maps, Launcher and Compatible Apps section
Link to download: AppRadio (version 2.8.4) from the App Store.

As per the description, you can now set any compatible app to launch automatically when entering AppRadio Mode. If there is an app you use more often then the others, this is a nice feature. For first generation AppRadio users, you will now be able to search for any contact on your phone using text input. iOS 8 is needed for this.

App icon refresh has also been fixed where icons appeared blank on the homescreen as well as in the 'Compatible Apps' section. No further details on what improvements have been made to Maps or Launcher are available.

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