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Monday, September 29, 2014

Pioneer AppRadio Mode Issues Not Fixed In iOS 8.0.2

Apple released iOS 8.0.2 a few days ago, soon after the buggy 8.0.1. The latest version fixes mobile connectivity and Touch ID issues that reportedly affected around 40,000 users that downloaded iOS 8.0.1.

But iOS 8.0.2 hasn't fixed any of the AppRadio Mode issues we outlined about a week ago. The same issues continue to exist when using iOS 8.0.2 with an AppRadio Mode capable Pioneer head unit. Here is a short list of those issues from our previous post...

From our previous post...

iOS 8 issues with AppRadio Mode

1. iOS 8 keyboard is the problem: Any app that uses a keyboard (like EC Touch, AppRadioLIVE, CarBrowser, Waze, Extra Mile etc.) will crash when trying to type something. Apps will work as long as you don't have to input any text.

NEW: One of the app developers informed us that the issue is due to a bug in Pioneer's library which has a problem with the new iOS 8 keyboard system. If any other app developers are reading this, please confirm in the comments below.

2. Screen Resizing: Remember the screen resizing issue that plagued iOS 6? Well, its back in iOS 8. When in AppRadio Mode, the display is now resized again. There is no flickering as seen in iOS 7. The display remains in a smaller resolution leaving about a quarter-inch dead space all around.

3. Bluetooth Streaming: We didn't find any issues with Bluetooth Streaming. It works as good as before which means you still can't browse your library in Bluetooth mode and Album Art still doesn't show up.

4. Other apps: Three other apps (Escort Live, My PV and MIXTRAX) crash most of the time when launched in AppRadio Mode. We tested CarMediaPlayer and found no issues with it though.

5. AppRadio app: The AppRadio app which takes you to AppRadio Mode seemed to work fine for me. I could launch other apps from there, swipe through menu screens, and view maps/calendar/photos without any issues. Display is resized to a smaller size though.

6. Mirroring: Mirroring your iPhone display onto your AppRadio still works. There is no touch functionality though.

Hopefully a fix for these issues is coming soon, especially the screen resizing issue.


  1. You would think that as a "radio" designed to work with and iphone that pioneer would consult apple and work on updates from beta versions of a new ios rather that waiting and screwing its customers who update there phones.

  2. Pioneer a month ago send us a mail, which informs us that "We cannot guarantee compatibility with iOS 8", a week after that "Pioneer has completed its compatibility evaluation of iOS 8", and "The following AppRadio Mode applications are currently not compatible with iOS 8" and said: "To maintain AppRadio Mode use of these apps, please continue using iOS 7.1.2 with your iPhone" and now send this upgrade where it is lock the keyboard, this is NOT a solution ..... how much longer we have to wait to do the update to IOS 8 ????

    The same thing happened last year with iOS 7 and we were to wait 1 month to the upgrade, today 1 month later send "keyboard disabled for IOS8 users" What happens with Pioneer ???

    Last month announced Carplay, I think who will buy ... we (the customers of Appradio) DON'T buy another Pioneer radio, I don't believe that Pioneer's people cannot fix it , I believe they DON'T WANT, this is WORSE, and I think why Pioneer DON'T WANT: Marketing..... what about the CUSTOMER SERVICE?????


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