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Thursday, September 25, 2014

EC Touch For AppRadio Updated To Partially Fix iOS 8 Keyboard Crash Bug

EC Touch for AppRadio became the first Pioneer AppRadio compatible app to fix the keyboard crash bug in iOS 8, albeit partially. The latest update of the app was released yesterday with the fix.

The following notification shows up within the app after you update which is why we think it is only a partial fix so far...

"Fixed keyboard bug for iOS 8. At the moment on iDevice with iOS 8, keyboard will appear on your smartphone and not on Pioneer's head unit."

So seems like it is only a partial fix. The keyboard showing up on the iPhone defeats the purpose of being handsfree. And typing on your phone while driving is definitely illegal in most places.

Anyways, here is the description of the update from the App Store and a link to download...

EC Touch for AppRadio (version 4.0.4)

- Fixed bug of keyboard with iOS 8

Link to download: EC Touch for AppRadio from the App Store.

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