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Friday, September 26, 2014

CableJive dockXtender Lightning Extension Now Available In 6-ft Version [Pictures]

We spent a lot of time last year looking for a viable lightning extension cable solution. The reason for our quest was to be able to hide the Apple digital lightning adapter that is needed to hookup an iPhone 5 or above to a Pioneer AppRadio Mode head unit.

Our search ended when CableJive released a lightning version of its "dockXtender" cable. The dockXtender cable is the most reliable option that transfers all functions through itself. The cable was released in a 2-feet version back towards the end of last year. And now, there is a 6-feet version you can buy.

The folks over at CableJive sent us the 6-feet cable for review. Check out additional pictures and details on where to buy the cable below...

The 6-feet dockXtender will allow you to run the cable inside the dashboard or center console giving you more length to play with. You can also use the cable to extend any Apple lightning connection. It is especially useful when using a dock which won't fit one of the newer iPhones.

We tested the cable with an iPhone 6. It works like a charm! When connecting to an AppRadio Mode head unit, just connect the female port to the Apple digital lightning adapter and the male end to your iPhone. The phone charges and you can use AppRadio Mode without any connection issues. The cable fits snug with the adapter...

The 6-feet and 2-feet CableJive dockXtender Lightning cables can be purchased on Amazon for $32.95 and $25.95 respectively. I am including affiliate links below to purchase directly from Amazon. Both cables ship FREE with Amazon Prime.

Also, read our review of the 2-feet version of the dockXtender by clicking here.

6-feet dockXtender cable

2-feet dockXtender cable

Additional pictures:

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