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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Will Those Annoying AppRadio Pop-Up Alerts Ever Go Away?

Launch alerts, safety warnings, cautions etc... Pioneer AppRadio users have known all about those since Pioneer released the head unit three years ago. Those annoying alerts have persisted ever since, making the AppRadio experience anything but smooth.

Warnings pop-up at the worst times. The worst of them all is when you're in AppRadio Mode and get a phone call. After finishing the call the AppRadio doesn't go back to where you were. Instead there is an alert waiting for you to click through to get back to AppRadio Mode. The alert also pops up on the iPhone which means you have to handle your phone in order to get back to where you were.

I agree most of the safety warnings need to be there for good reason. But these could be made less intrusive. The launch alert has to be done away with for good. There is no use for it.

If you jailbreak your device, you can turn off most of those pop-ups using AppEx. Honestly, AppEx is the ultimate AppRadio experience. Apart from taking care of those alerts it gives you full touch control of your phone from the AppRadio. AppEx is not compatible with iOS 7 though but is a work-in-progress.

So, to answer the question on whether those pop-ups will ever leave us AppRadio users alone? No, doesn't seem like they ever will! They haven't for three years, why now?


  1. Pioneer needs to do away with this ASAP.

  2. Yes that is more than annoying, especially the popups after a phonecall, it makes the whole handsfree experience go away. In iOS7 the OK texts click area is so small that you have to tap several times before you get it and you have to take your eyes away from the road. Really stupid, even worse if you have your phone in your tight jeans pocket.

  3. With my factory Acura navigation, you can copy the factory map DVD and edit it so you no longer get the nag screen, then burn a new DVD. If only someone would look into modding the firmware of the AppRadio to remove this nag screen.

  4. On Page 69 of the Owner's Manual it shows an 'App Launch Assist' function. When I turned it off, it did eliminate some of the pop up messages, but I still have to manually launch the AppRadio app. Have you tried using this feature?


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