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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New "Faster Route" Feature Makes Google Maps Even Better

The Google Maps app was updated last week for iOS to version 2.6.0. Along with unspecified bug fixes there was one additional improvement added to the app. The feature called Faster Route, does exactly what it means, notifies you of a faster route (if available) while in navigation mode.
The iOS version (or the Android version) of Google Maps is not AppRadio compatible but it remains one of THE most widely used navigation apps around. The new feature works using Google's traffic tracking technology, which it now obtains from Waze. Waze was purchased by Google last year for a bucket-load of cash!

Android users were provided this feature last month.

When notified of a faster route when available, users can choose to reroute to the faster route. Faster routes pop-up depending on the traffic situation on your route. The feature is bound to save drivers those few valuable minutes and avoiding traffic gridlocks. 

Google Maps keeps getting better and the partnership with Waze, which is the best AppRadio compatible navigation app for me, means it will continue to do so.

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