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Thursday, February 6, 2014

AppRadio App Updated Again; Screen Resizing Issue Fixed?

UPDATE: The screen resizing issue still persists even after this update. Not sure how major of an update this one is after all. 

This morning Pioneer Electronics has released yet another AppRadio app update (iOS version). The second update in the last few days (version 2.6.1) has one added one major fix; Pop-up alerts won't interrupt your AppRadio display anymore.

According to the app description from the App Store, here's what's new in today's update...

AppRadio (version 2.6.1)

AppRadio display and control now remains after phone pop-up alerts (Calendar, Reminders and other App Notifications). Using this functionality with other Apps requires their update as well.

If I understand this correctly, the screen resizing issue that has plagued the AppRadio for a while now, should be fixed with this update. It was believed that the display of the AppRadio resizes to a smaller resolution at random due to background app activity or notifications.

I used the AppRadio app for a brief while this morning after updating and the display hasn't resized for me yet. Whether the issue has actually been fixed remains to be seen. More testing will answer that query.

According to the app update description it seems like the AppRadio display would get interrupted when an App notification came in or a Calendar alert popped up. This issue was not reported by any user. Whether the 'interruption' means the resizing of the display resolution is not known.

Pioneer also updated the CarMediaPlayer app with the same bug fix. I haven't tried that one out yet though.

If any of you get a chance to play around with the latest AppRadio update then please let us know if the screen resizing issue still exists.

Links to download from the App Store:

AppRadio version 2.6.1

CarMediaPlayer version 1.7.2


  1. Resising issue no fixed for Waze !
    There is two other problems on Waze:
    - We can't scroll down in parameter menu (it works only if you press on blue area before scrolling down).
    - We can't send a message to our friends.

    Thk for all

  2. Also, this fix was supposed to keep the display active if a calendar notification pops up on the screen. So, I turned my notifications back on, and when the very first one popped up, the display went blank to the "can't view while driving" screen. So, did this release fix anything at all? I've been having more problems with the appradio app either 1) not launching when i plug the phone in, or 2) launching, but not going active. I use an iPhone 5s, and I have to say, my old iPhone 4s seems to have fewer glitches and problems with connecting to the AppRadio app.

  3. One other comment about the app hanging - Things are working fine, I go to get gas. Turn off the car, back on and boom - nothing works right without force quitting the AppRadio app, and sometimes restarting my phone. It took me a long time to start complaining about this stuff, but it is really getting annoying - and when the glitches happen on the road, the driving distractions could cause an accident. The Waze app is probably the most reliable thing about App radio - it almost always goes to an active display if the Wave app is running. Why can Wave go active almost always, but AppRadio doesn't? I don't get it.

  4. I think I spotted it. Before the head unit would instantly go black the moment an alert popped up on the phone. (not a banner alert but a pop-up dialog). Now the app in question stays on the screen and remain controllable.

  5. Haven't tried it with Waze but with Igo it works great, no screen resize happening!!! Happy camper now!

  6. Issue fixed with Igo Primo!

  7. I installed this update and used Stezza on my way home and it resized again. Just disable the background app refresh in the iPhone settings and close all non essential apps before launching appradio, that is the fix for this annoying issue.

  8. Same issue with a 4s and a AVH 8450 unit from pioneer


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