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Monday, February 17, 2014

Commercials Are Back On Pandora Internet Radio For AppRadio

Last year Pandora Internet Radio teamed up with a number of car stereo manufacturers including Pioneer Electronics to provide users with commercial-free music streaming. The offer lasted till the end of 2013. Now that 2014 has come along, so have the ads.

If you listen to Pandora on your AppRadio (or any other compatible head unit) you would have noticed the minute-long ads once every four or five tracks. If you are a Pandora One subscriber though, you don't have to listen to any ads which is one of the perks of paying a subscription fee.

Now, there is word going around that the latest AppRadio app updates are responsible for ads coming back to Pandora. Also, if you somehow manage to downgrade to older versions of the Pandora or AppRadio app on you phone you can continue listening ad-free. I personally cannot confirm this claim but it would be interesting to know if that has any truth to it.

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