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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Has Anyone Else Encountered This Error Message On Their Pioneer AppRadio 4?

When I turned on my car this morning, an error message popped up on my AppRadio 4 (SPH-DA120). I haven't made any hardware or software changes to my setup in recent times. The message showed up randomly.

The pop-up read...

"Positioning is not possible due to the hardware. Please contact your dealer or Pioneer service center."

Seemed like a GPS issue. Here's what happened thereafter.

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So I clicked the 'OK' button and the message went away. I tried launching Maps in CarPlay (connected to an iPhone 6) and was able to get directions without any issues. From what it looked like, my GPS position was being displayed correctly.

I switched over to AppRadio Mode and opened Waze which was also able to determine my location. Since I couldn't find any issue with 'positioning' as mentioned in the error message, I switched back to CarPlay.

I tried to recreate the error message by turning off my car for a few minutes and turning it back on. I hadn't moved my car all the while I was testing it. The error message did not show up again. So I moved my car to a different spot and tried the rebooting again; still no pop-up.

In the three hours I spent driving around this morning, the positioning error has not shown up again. Maybe it was a GPS issue but not due to the hardware, as the message read. I will report back if I encounter the problem again.

Has anyone else seen this message on their AppRadio 4 or any other similar head unit? Leave a comment below.

P.S.: My DIY anti-glare screen protector still works great, as seen in the picture above.

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