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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

CarMediaPlayer Version 1.5.0 Adds iPhone 5 Resolution Support

CarMediaPlayer has become an important app these days when using your iPhone 5 with AppRadio 2 connected through an HDMI cable. With the HDMI connection the 'iPod' button on the AppRadio 2 is greyed out and cannot be accessed. To play music you need to use CarMediaPlayer through the AppRadio app in AppRadio Mode. The latest update to CarMediaPlayer has added iPhone 5 resolution support amongst a couple of other things. Full details are below.

Here is the update description from CarMediaPlayer's app page from the App Store.

- iPhone 5 support
- Some graphical design updates
- iPhone 5 resolution support
- Video playback specification change (After video playback ends, the screen changes to the last list accessed).

The app used to be displayed in the iPhone 4/4S resolution before this update. Surprisingly it took Pioneer quite long to update the resolution. Apple requires all apps to be made at the iPhone 5's resolution now so this update was due.

You can update CarMediaPlayer from the App Store to version 1.5.0 today.

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