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Monday, April 15, 2013

Beej! Your Way To POIs On Your AppRadio [Video]

Beej! is an AppRadio compatible app that does one thing and does it quite well - Points of Interest (POI). Based on your location Beej! will pull up restaurants, banks, hotels, shopping malls etc. by category and allow you to navigate to them. Here are some more details including a video from Pioneer below.

If you have a Pioneer car stereo which supports AppRadio Mode then you may want to consider Beej!. I've been using this app for the last couple of days and although there are a few issues it has a lot of good features. I have an iPhone 5 and an AppRadio 2. The app received a major update on March 27 which fixed a few existing bugs at the time. The app description from the App Store is as follows: 
Fast, simple and accurate - Beej! is THE in-vehicle location/navigation application for use with a variety of Pioneer in-dash receivers with AppRadioMode. Beej! quickly identifies your position and allows you to select the nearest bank, bar, gas station, hospital, hotel, restaurant and more.
Beej! provides a complete list of all the businesses in the category selected, including the distance from your current location and address, with options to get directions (via integrated MotionX-GPS Drive) or place a call to the selected business. The layout and aesthetics provide optimal in-vehicle viewing, without becoming a distraction for drivers from safe vehicle operations. 
As you can see, Beej! uses the integrated MotionX GPS Drive to help navigate to a POI. There is an option to use iGo Navigation app too but this app isn't available in the US App Store. Beej! launches MotionX when you ask for navigation. You have to click through a couple of screens and have MotionX installed on your iPhone for this to work. However, the app itself works quite snappily. There is almost no lag or stutter when searching or clicking through search results. This of course partly depends on your network connection.

Requires MotionX GPS Drive for navigation

Beej! costs $1.99 from the App Store. MotionX GPS Drive requires a $9.99 yearly subscription of the voice package (or $2.99 for 30 days) for receiving voice-guided navigation. MotionX itself is one of the best GPS apps around so having that by itself is a no-brainer for me. What Beej! does well is make POIs the starting point for navigation. If you're out traveling then Beej! will help you find places you aren't familiar with and take you there, albeit with the help of MotionX.

Check out this video from Pioneer spotlighting Beej!


  1. I just recently got an appradio and have installed Beej. We happen to own a number of restaurants in the town where we live and only one of them is on the Beej app. How do we get our other locations listed?

  2. I noticed several of your listings in the Rapid City, SD area are not current. Wondering how to get this updated. - Thanks much


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