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Monday, April 22, 2013

AppRadio Extensions With iPhone 5 Support A Work In Progress [Jailbreak]

We've reported about ARLiberator and how you can control your Android phone through AppRadio 2 using full touch controls. Unfortunately at this time there is no such solution for the iPhone 5. But it might not be long before we do see an ARLiberator like alternative. I'm talking about Mike DeCaro's AppRadio Extensions.

The current version of AppEx, as it is called now, works on an iPhone 4/4S running iOS 6 and AppRadio running version 1.8.2 or older. It also requires the iPhone to be jailbroken. AppEx gives full iPhone control from the AppRadio much like ARLiberator. But there are still a few issues even with this setup. For a full idea of what's going on check out Mike DeCaro's discussion forum on Avic411.

iPhone 5 support is a work in progress according to the forums. For those of you using an iPhone 5 who want to have ARLiberator-like functionality for your AppRadio 2, I suggest visiting the Avic411 forum as well as Mike's website and supporting his efforts by donating. I'm sure he'll appreciate the support.

Full iPhone 5 control from the AppRadio 2 is the next big thing to look forward to. This would completely eliminate having to touch your phone while using the AppRadio 2.

The Avic411 forum links are also available on Mike's website. Thanks, Mike, for all the effort!

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