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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Check Out This Working Apple TV Solution For Your AppRadio 2 [Video]

Ever thought about having an Apple TV hooked up in your car? Well, one YouTube user, Steve Banas, has done this and has a working solution in his car. The video is awesome and very descriptive. Check it out below.

Maybe future AppRadio models should have inbuilt Apple TV modules or be AirPlay ready. With mirroring you could have your iPhone's screen displayed on the AppRadio. Touch functionality would have to be enabled though. Nevertheless, the video below shows a second generation Apple TV connected to the AppRadio 2. The setup is very usable. Watch the video for all the interesting details.

Thanks for the video, Steve.


  1. you can change the settings in the router to not give out IP addresses, which will allow the iPhone to still connect to the network, and everything will work including the internet on the iPhone because the iPhone is smart enough to see that the router didn't give out an IP address so there is no internet, just local network activity.

    with that, everything should work just perfectly.

    As an alternative, you can setup wifi tethering on your phone and your apple TV will connect directly to your phone and work that way too.

    1. How do you set it up that way?


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