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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DashCommand Update v2.9.3 Fixes Bugs

DashCommand v2.9.3 now available
The vehicle dynamics monitoring iOS app, DashCommand, has been updated to version 2.9.3 with a few bug fixes. The app displays vehicle data by connecting to an OBD-II device installed in your car. The app is developed by Palmer Performance Engineering and puts various dashboard skins on your AppRadio. The latest update includes the following (from app description):

  • Added new setting to manually control display orientation
  • Fix a crash that could happen on older iOS 3.0 devices
  • Fixed problem where we would return to the main menu the device is unlocked while DashCommand is running
  • Fixed slow rendering on the iPhone 4S while connected to the vehicle.
This update has made the application a little nippier. The usual lag that I've gotten used to has been reduced. Looks like a good update and I haven't run into any bugs yet. Happy updating!

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