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Friday, January 15, 2016

Wonder No More - Apple Posts List Of All Car Models That Offer CarPlay

Apple CarPlay may soon become a standard feature in all vehicles. The car dashboard software has gained steady momentum over the past year. And recent events suggest Apple is serious about furthering the technology.

There are two ways of getting CarPlay - buying a new car that offers the software or installing an aftermarket CarPlay head unit in the car you already own.

Until now, Apple has only provided a list of manufacturers that are on-board with offering CarPlay in their vehicles. But just recently, Apple has added a page on their website with a complete list of current and upcoming vehicles that will offer CarPlay.

The list includes over 100 vehicles from every major automobile manufacturer that supports CarPlay or is planning to do so. Here is the number of vehicles supporting CarPlay by manufacturer...

Audi - 2
Buick - 2
Cadillac - 10
Chevrolet - 14
Citroen - 4
DS Automobiles - 4
Ferrari - 6
Ford - 1
GMC - 4
Honda - 3
Hyundai - 2
Mercedes-Benz - 8
Mitsubishi - 2
Opel - 5
Porsche - 2
Peugeot - 2
Seat - 4
Skoda - 5
Suzuki - 4
Volkswagen - 18
Volvo - 2

You can check out the complete list by clicking here.

There are 2016 and 2017 model cars in the list. Apple says the list has the latest information which could mean they will keep it updated. But I wouldn't depend on that happening too much because we know how Apple stopped keeping the CarPlay-compatible app list updated.

Apple's webpage also says CarPlay support in the listed vehicles is either standard or available as an option in 2016 and later models. Also, CarPlay may not be available in all areas and support may be subject to change.

Source: Apple

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