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Friday, January 29, 2016

Waze 4.0 For Android Screenshots Leaked, Update Coming Soon [Video]

For over 3 months now, iOS users have enjoyed the new version of Waze even before Android users have had a taste. Version 4.0 for iOS was released in October last year and Google, that owns Waze, for some reason hasn't released an equivalent Android update since.

But seems like we are closer than ever to version 4.0 of Waze for Android as screenshots of the newest version have surfaced thanks to the website Android Police. They even made a YouTube video that shows you around the entirely overhauled app.

According to details from an anonymous source to Android Police, Waze 4.0 will bring changes to almost everything in the existing version. The interface is believed to be much slicker and more animated.

Just like the iOS version, there is the new ETA Panel which will show relevant information at the bottom of your screen as you get directions. Most of the other new changes will bring the Android version on par with its iOS counterpart.

This video gives a good idea of what to expect...

There is no information on when the new version will be available for download.

Source: Android Police

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