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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Anker Makes The Best Lightning Cables At Affordable Prices [Opinion]

Third-party lightning cables are a dime a dozen these days. Head over to online retailers like eBay or Amazon and search for some. The choices can be overwhelming and not all of them may be reliable.

You could always buy the original cable directly from Apple if you're willing to shell out $20 for it. There are cheaper alternatives that are reliable though. And a few third-party cable makers even offer a warranty.

I use a third-party cable made by Anker in my car to use CarPlay or AppRadio Mode. I have another Anker cable connected to a simple 12V USB charger too for the times I only need to charge my phone. Cables used in the car are perhaps prone to more wear compared to the ones you use at home.

The most common problem with charging cables is fraying, either at the USB end or lightning end. Recently, one of my Anker cables stopped working as the lightning end came loose. I decided to contact Anker support to check if I had any warranty I could avail of.

Anker Lightning Cables for iPhone/iPad/iPod

First, I should mention I have no affiliation of any kind with Anker, neither is this a sponsored post. 

I had purchased these Anker cables back in March, 2015 on Amazon. The cables had worked without any issues for the first 10 months. I checked the Amazon listing and found out Anker offers an 18-month warranty on all its lightning cables. 

So when I contacted Anker support they were quick to respond to my email. I was told that I would be covered by their warranty for a free replacement. All I needed to do was provide the Amazon order number and the serial number of the defective cable which is printed on the cable itself.

After providing the needed info, the rep told me they will mail out a replacement cable to my address asap. The rep also apologized for the inconvenience the defective cable may have caused. 

Within 3 business days, I had a brand new cable delivered to me.

The fact about cables is they fail or fray. No matter how much care you take or how gently you use them, it's inevitable. I have used several third-party manufactured cables and they've somehow failed at some point. Even Apple's original cable isn't immune to these issues.

Why do I think Anker's cables are the best? There are at least a couple of reasons for it. Firstly, the cables worked without any issues for 10 months. That's pretty good in these times. Secondly, the cables are thick and at least feel sturdy. For the way cables are used in the car, getting stepped on and pulled around, these cables lasted well.

The most important reason is how Anker stands behind its advertised 18-month warranty. Availing of the warranty was very easy too, even though it took a few days to get a replacement.

So if you're looking for reliable and affordable lightning cables, whether for use in your car, your home, your office or elsewhere, give these Anker cables a look.

The advantage of getting them on Amazon is Amazon Prime (most products) which means you can get them shipped to you in no time. Also, Amazon is a good place to keep track of your orders in case you need to contact Anker for support. Check out the reviews on Amazon when you browse. Most of their products have near-five star ratings.

The cables come in varying lengths, colors and multi-packs so find the one that best fits your need. Prices start at $5.99. I have included a few Amazon affiliate links below.

Images' source: Anker via Amazon

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