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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pioneer's AppRadio App Development Site Is Up

The promised AppRadio Software Development Kit (SDK) from Pioneer is finally available from the manufacturer. More details are below.

The SDK was supposed to be made available long time ago. Pioneer unveiled new products for 2013 at this year's CES. There will be quite a few models which support the AppRadio Mode now. App developers can now submit their apps and use the kit to refine them for use in AppRadio Mode.

You can register as a developer and begin developing your apps by clicking this link.


  1. This means that all app developers will be able to compile appradio version very easily and quickly?

  2. people wants the Apple UI on their stereo, not the pioneer one.
    follow the mikedecaro's job. wip

  3. Android users need to use ARLIBERATOR. Total device mirroring! Android user interface on your appradio. No more waiting on cheesy apps to be wriiten.You can use them all! I spoke with Pioneer at The 2012 SEMA show about the application and they did not like it because they had no control over the radio anymore. Now if I could only get rid of the rediculous warning screen that comes up each time I power it up....

  4. x1000 on the ARLIBERATOR APP and Androiod phone... Best App I have ever spent money on and makes the AppRadio work with you cell phone as it should of been designed...

    SIMPLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  5. Can I play music & use the navigation app at the same time???

  6. Actually I came to know about Pioneer AppRadio during CES and after that I was always looking on a Pioneer side to have a AppRadio support for Android. Finally they did come out with it to which I was quite happy.


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