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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pioneer At CES 2013: What We Know So Far

iPhone 5 connection kits have already been announced by Pioneer at CES 2013 so far. But there is a whole lot of other Pioneer news coming from the tech show this year. The AppRadio platform has taken a few turns (hopefully in the right direction). Here's what we know so far:

1. Advanced App Mode is now going to be simply called "AppRadio Mode". This probably means there won't be an AppRadio 3. Most new Pioneer car stereo models will have AppRadio Mode. 

2. Firmware updates for AppRadio 2 and other AppRadio Mode enabled devices are coming in Spring 2013 to enable compatibility with the iPhone 5.

3. 13 new Pioneer models will be compatible with the iPhone 5 through special kits.

4. 16 Pioneer models (including AppRadio and AppRadio 2) will soon have AppRadio Mode.

5. A few 2013 models will be Sirius XM radio ready (using special kits, not through AppRadio Mode).

Spring 2013 promises a lot of new things from Pioneer. More information will be available in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more.

The latest news from CES 2013 including product videos can be found at Pioneer's CES 2013 webpage.


  1. Direct link to the Iphone 5 connectivity announcement here :

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. which apps do we have here?
    Can this work on Indian Automobiles? Can we get for testing?

  4. What about compatibility of apps as new apple maps and Navigon?

    1. What about Sygic ??? It's appear on my app radio menu , but just get a black screen when call it from advance app mode!!
      Still not working??? . Who let the app in on app radio as available???

  5. Got got an AVH-X4500BT. 2 questions related to maps in app mode. The "native" for lack of a better word, maps app looks great, but I can't figure out a way to input a destination? Just gives me current location. Follow up question, I installed Waze and inrex, but they are both very blurry. Any thoughts on those 2 questions?

  6. Do we know if the firmware update will provide Android support on 2012 models like my 940BT?

  7. I have just bought the SPH-DA01 and plan on getting an iphone 5. Will there be any support for this??

  8. iPhone 5 is supported on SPH-DA01 now. Need to apply the Feb 2013 firmware and get the correct cables (Pioneer Cable Kit CD-IH202, Apple Lightning to Digital Av Adapter, Apple Lightning to USB Cable, and (if desired) a Parking Brake Micro Bypass Chip on Amazon) (@$155 in cables)

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  10. does anyone know if the full advanced app function is now working with the iphone 5 having the upgraded cable & software on the SPH-DA02 ?

  11. They should have created an app radio 3 with fixes and improvements to ver.2! Not just absorb it into future head units costing more...


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