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Saturday, January 5, 2013

AppRadio 3 To Be Announced At CES 2013?

Each year major tech companies from around the world showcase their newest products at the annual Consumer Electronics Show or CES. This year the event is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 8 to 11. Pioneer will be at the event to unveil it's latest products. Their AppRadio line of products is most likely to be updated along with other Advanced App Mode supported stereos.

The next generation of the AppRadio (AppRadio 3) is most likely going to have iPhone 5 compatibility. However, with Apple's reluctance to push video out through the lightning cable has made compatibility an issue with AppRadio 2. Advanced App Mode doesn't work with an iPhone 5 and AppRadio/AppRadio 2. It remains to be seen what Pioneer has prepared to address this issue through AppRadio 3.

My best guess is the use of Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP to help connect Apple's newest iPhone running iOS 6 with the car stereo. Bluetooth 4.0 is very versatile. Wireless connectivity is the wave of the future. If Bluetooth won't be used there is always Apple's AirPlay feature. But this looks like a long shot.

If AppRadio 3 is announced at CES it will leave people using AppRadio 2 behind just as AppRadio users were done so with the AppRadio 2 release. What I mean is, AppRadio 2 isn't fully compatible with the iPhone 5 or iOS 6. Pioneer had mentioned working on a workaround for this incompatibility but there has been no news in that regard for quite some time now. Maybe CES 2013 will feature some sort of a fix for AppRadio 2 customers (again, a long shot!).

Nevertheless, stay tuned for the latest from CES 2013. You can visit the official CES website for more information. Pioneer's own AppRadio page is also a good source for news regarding it's device.



    It looks like AppRadio has some support for iPhone 5 Video? But only in a few DVD receivers.

  2. Maybe CES 2013 will feature some sort of a fix for AppRadio 2 customers (again, a long shot!). my dealer told me they really are working on it. so if not i will return my unit!

  3. if you want full mirror of your android phone on the appradio check out arliberator in the play store or

  4. Can't we get the first one working first?


    Pioneer Announces Enhanced iPhone 5 Connectivity for AppRadio 2 and AppRadio Mode Products

    Three Connectivity Kits for iPhone 5 Provide Compatibility for Thirteen In-Dash Products Available in Spring

  6. I meant to 50 bucks for the kit plus 50 bucks for the adapter you need from apple (digital AV)..and they didn't release any new AppRadio with some of that crap built in?????????


  7. They need to make a better screen and a remote controll

  8. Hi,

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  9. We missed this CES event held in las Vegas. But we would like to participate in the next year event. Please update on this with location where its going to be held. Our Los Angeles app developers will get exciting for attend this event in next year. Also waiting for next generation AppRadio3 with iphone5 compatibility. Thanks for your sharing valuable information with us.

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  12. Can this Appradio be implemented on enterprise wide alone? It would be great to radio specific to enterprise to hear faster updates. It would be a nice to have enterprise mobility solutions.

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