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Monday, August 20, 2012

User Video Shows AppRadio 2 Working With A Samsung Galaxy S III [Video]

This recently updated video by YouTube user 'MetalManthey' shows the Pioneer AppRadio 2 and Samsung Galaxy S III working together. From the video below you can see that the Advanced App Mode mirrors the phone's display onto the AppRadio 2. Mirroring only happens when using an Android device in Advanced App Mode. iOS users are used to seeing a 'Connected to AppRadio' screen on their iDevices. Check out the video below.


  1. For those of you trying to find info on connecting android to appradio 2.....I have a galaxy s2 with ICS and it connects and works flawlessly. FYI...I tried using a Samsung MHL to HDMI adapter instead of the pioneer kit. It did not work properly....would lose connection and goto snowy screen after only a few minutes use. It would intermit. reconnect, then disconnect again. I tried several different chargers as I read that the issue was probably power related. The only thing that corrected the issue (and instantly) was the purhase and install of the Pioneer Android connection kit. AH-200.

  2. Do you know if the app radio 2 works with an HTC 8x windows phone..? As i have just purchased the phone and already own the stereo haha

  3. Just got app radio installed and have a galaxy sIII. can't get nav to work. Says u need usb and hdmi cables. Anyway to get around it?


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