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Monday, August 20, 2012

[App Updates] Five Major AppRadio Compatible Apps Updated

This week, five major AppRadio compatible apps were updated by their respective developers. The five apps are AUPEO!, DashCommand, Extra Mile, MotionX GPS Drive and INRIX Traffic. Details of each update are included after the page break.

Here's what's new in each update:

AUPEO! Personal Radio (Version 2.108)

- This update adds support for the AUPEO! app in all BMW cars with the new Navigation system Professional

You can download the latest version of AUPEO! from the App Store today.

DashCommand (Version 3.1.0)

- Fixed problem where iOS device would still sleep while plugged into an accessory
- Improved swiping gestures on main menu
- Added new setting to disable A/V out
- Fixed a rare problem where the screen resolution was not correct while plugged into the Pioneer AppRadio

You can download the latest version of DashCommand from the App Store today.

Extra Mile (Version 4.7.10)

- Changed the default setting to Manual Re-route

You can download the latest version of Extra Mile from the App Store today.

MotionX GPS Drive (Version 14.0)

- New active lane guidance for complex intersections, highway interchanges and exits
- New speed limit display shows current speed, along with a visual warning when you are exceeding the speed limit (customize in Settings > Map Settings)
- New full-screen map view lets you see more of the road while navigating
- New option for Facebook check-in when you arrive at your destination
- New option to quickly access the directions list from the map view
- New option to reverse the order of the directions list (Menu > Settings > General)
- New Universal Binary customized for iPhone and iPad

You can download the latest version of MotionX GPS Drive from the App Store today.

INRIX Traffic (Version 4.1.1)

- iPad performance improvements
- Fixed an issue with adding places under certain conditions
- Added a setting to select which screen to load on startup (map or places)
- Added safety features to head unit experience
- Improved stability of "choose on a map" when adding places
- Plus other bug fixes

You can download the latest version of INRIX Traffic from the App Store today.

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