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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pioneer Confirms AppRadio Compatibility With iOS 6; No Word On The iPhone 5!

Pioneer Electronics has sent out emails confirming compatibility of their AppRadio line of products with Apple's latest iOS 6. All head units with Advanced App Mode will work with iOS 6 running on the iPhone 4S and 4. However, there is still no word on whether the new iPhone 5 which ships tomorrow will work with AppRadio through the 30-pin to Lightning adapter.

iOS 6 was made available today by Apple. One of the main feature is Apple's own Maps app (no more Google Maps). Google is rumored to be working on a standalone Maps app for iOS 6 but this cannot be confirmed. Here is a screenshot of Pioneer's email:

As you can read above, a new update to the AppRadio app is coming soon. Also look for updates to the individual AppRadio compatible apps in the coming few days.

So if you own an iPhone 4S or 4 and have a Pioneer head unit with Advanced App Mode, I'd wait till the updated AppRadio app is made available to update to iOS 6. However, if you're like me and don't want to wait, go ahead and do it. Full functionality will be restored once updates are available.


  1. Anyone else have issues since moving to iOS6? Everything appears to work, but if I launch an app, say car media play, then hit the home button on the app radio, then try to launch a different app, I get a finger pointing to a red X in the upper right hand corner of the screen and it won't work. Going all the way to the main screen and back to apps hangs at the "launch the appradio app on your phone" screen until I exit and re-launch the app on my phone.

  2. What about the new Apple Maps? Does that work?

  3. Cedar C - Version 1.8.1 of the AppRadio App fixes that issue.

    James D - Apple Maps works just fine. The above mentioned AR App v1.8.1 fixed the pinch to zoom feature that originally wasn't working when iOS6 first came out.

  4. Its less flaky since the 1.8.1 update for sure, but still gives me the finger with red x logo after hitting the home button on the app radio.

  5. If you got it working before, IOS 6.1 will break some things anew. Mainly I can't get iHeartradio auto to work.


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