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Sunday, November 23, 2014

How To View AppRadio Mode In Fullscreen On The AppRadio 4 [How-To]

Those of you who have been writing in asking how to get rid of the menu bar in AppRadio Mode on the new Pioneer AppRadio 4 (SPH-DA120), this post is for you.

When you first launch AppRadio Mode, you will notice the menu bar on the left side which reduces the size of the display area. The menu bar has buttons for access to phone calls over Bluetooth, a home button, menu button and the mode button (looks like an arrow facing downwards).

So how do you get rid of the menu bar? It's simple.

All you have to do is double tap the home button on the main button bar of the AppRadio 4. This action can be used to toggle the menu bar on and off. Turning off the menu bar makes the AppRadio Mode display go fullscreen (even though the screen is resized leaving a small dead space on all sides).

Here's a picture...

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