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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Alpine iLX-007 Availability Update; Priced Well Below Suggested Retail Price

If you're looking to upgrade your car's sound system with a CarPlay-capable head unit, you have a few options. You could choose from one of Pioneer's six head units (5 NEX and AppRadio 4) or get the newly announced Alpine iLX-007.

Alpine's receiver has a few good features like a larger 7-inch capacitive touchscreen compared to the Pioneer AppRadio 4 (6.2-inch) and smaller chassis (3-inches in depth). Alpine also boasts their own MediaXpander (MX) technology in the head unit which reproduces and restores sound quality lost during media compression.

The device has a suggested retail price of $800 and Alpine says it's already shipping to authorized dealers. Most retailers that list the item have it priced at $600. We looked for the head unit for purchase from various online retailers, and in trying to find the lowest price this is what we've found so far...

Best Buy: The iLX-007 is available for preorder from There is no date set for when it will be available to ship. The item is listed at $599.99.

Crutchfield: Crutchfield lists the iLX-007 at $599.99 but the item is currently OUT OF STOCK.

Pacific Stereo: The head unit is listed at $599.95 and is IN STOCK according to the listing page. Shipping is free.

Amazon: Not listed on Amazon at the moment.

Sound of Tristate Inc.: Not listed.

Car Toys: Not listed.

Note: Some of the retailers mentioned above may not be authorized Alpine dealers.

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