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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Latest Waze Update Has Several Feature Enhancements

The social GPS and traffic information app, Waze, has been updated to version yesterday. Both the iOS and Android versions of the app have received this update. Waze is AppRadio compatible through Android whereas the iOS version only works by mirroring the iPhone's display onto the AppRadio. The update has quite a few improvements and enhancements and looks like a worthy update. Here's more details.

From the app description...

What's New in Version
- Find the cheapest gas station near you or on your route (US only - coming soon internationally)
- Redeem Wazer-only specials on gas at participating stations (US only - coming soon internationally)
- Search for businesses and points of interest by category 
- Add a stop on the way to your final destination
- Text-to-speech including street name support in 9 languages: UK English, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Italian, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish
- View full turn-by-turn navigation instructions for your route by tapping the nav bar
- Improved map accuracy in street corner angles

I appreciate a couple of the improvements more than others. Firstly, I like having the search for POIs by category. This was missing until now. Secondly, adding a stop on the way to the original destination is also very useful. And I should also mention being able to view the entire route by tapping the navigation bar as being handy.

Waze has been quite popular for a while now. I use it sometimes but with INRIX Traffic's last update I've been using that more often. With iOS 6, Apple is adding turn-by-turn navigation to it's native maps app. So by the time Fall arrives I wonder how these other GPS and navigation apps will fare in popularity. Time will tell.

For now though, you can download the latest version of Waze from the App Store. Android users can also get their hands on version from Google Play.

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