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Thursday, June 7, 2012

User Video Shows An XBox 360 Connected To An AppRadio 2 [Video]

If you have a piece of hardware that uses an HDMI connection to display to an external monitor, chances are it will work with AppRadio 2. I can think of a handful of devices that can be used this way in the car ranging from media players to gaming consoles to laptops. The only issue, however, would be to get a power source to power up some of these devices. Well, one YouTube user (n0name321) recently connected his Microsoft XBox 360 to his AppRadio 2 to demonstrate how the AppRadio 2 can be used as a display monitor. Check it out.

The gaming console is connected to the AppRadio 2 using the HDMI port which is normally used to connect an Android device. There are not much details available about the power source. I'm not sure how practical this is but I guess you could use a power converter to convert the 12V source in the car to power up a device like that. But that can't be good for your car battery, can it?

Nevertheless, the video is interesting. I wonder if any other devices have been used this way.

Video courtesy: YouTube user channel "n0name321"
Photo courtesy: Microsoft


  1. My Mate has an XBOX in his, running with a power converter, totally possible, seen it myself. But yes it really can drain your battery, so car running is a must really.

  2. My only issue has been, I CAN NOT get the Appradio2 to display on the front screen. I have put in a switch to toggle power to the Emergency Brake signal. (Which it asked me to do when I just had it grounded) But now with the switch, It just says you can't view video on the front screen.

    ANYONE out there have an idea what's wrong?
    (And if I put this in the wrong area, please let me know, I really want help with this!)

  3. I can't saw any Appradio2 earlier. That's why I don't have any experience about this gadgets. I think it's one of best gadgets for car.Please can you describe about this Appradio2 because I have lots of curiosity about this gadget.


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