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Friday, June 17, 2016

iOS 10 Promises To Take CarPlay To The Next Level

Apple made a software splash at their WWDC 2016 keynote address on Monday. Among all the new updates, most of which are due this Fall, were small nuggets of information on improvements to CarPlay. With iOS 10, Apple's next installment, CarPlay will see quite a few changes.

Here is a roundup on iOS 10 and CarPlay...


Apple Maps is getting a major overhaul in iOS 10. With the new 'Parked Car' feature, users will be able to locate their parked vehicle easier. Maps will remember the location when disconnecting from CarPlay and Bluetooth in a compatible vehicle. The software will even push a notification with this information.

In compatible cars, CarPlay will interact with certain car hardware. For example, you will be able to get turn-by-turn navigation on the secondary display in the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel.

Maps will also offer faster routes while navigating via a pop-up banner...

Apple will allow third-party apps to integrate with Maps in iOS 10 using extensions. This means  several other new features can be expected in iOS 10 which we will know more about as the release date approaches.


Apple is integrating several VoIP apps into its own Phone app. Users will be able to make WhatsApp or Skype calls, for example, using the Phone app itself.


Siri is being opened up to developers along with the several intelligence updates. The voice assistance is becoming smarter, being able to process commands for third-party apps.

In CarPlay, Siri is very important, especially when trying to stay less distracted while driving. In iOS 10, making VoIP calls and sending messages will be easier than ever using Siri.

Rearranging App Icons

It almost seems like everyone has been screaming at Apple to allow rearranging app icons in CarPlay. iOS 10 will finally allow this by giving users this option. According to a post on 9to5Mac, you will be able to hide apps like Podcasts and iBooks, and rearrange native apps that can't be hidden.

iOS 10 will also give the option of having compatible third-party apps not shown on CarPlay. So you can have an app like Spotify installed on your iPhone but hide the app completely from being displayed on your car's dashboard.

All these options can be toggled in Settings on your iPhone.

New Apps

iOS 10 will continue to add new independent apps to CarPlay. From the keynote, Apple hinted clearly at Skype coming to the in-car interface.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: Apple


  1. The "faster route" popup is not new. I get it frequently when driving to/from Chicago and the suburbs.

  2. Navigon or Tom Tom aren't compatible with CarPlay yet!

  3. When are they going to allow Waze on CarPlay?


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