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Sunday, November 20, 2011

AppRadio Posts Start Here...


Here's a little flavor of what to expect…

Pioneer AppRadio - What this blog is all about!

This blog is dedicated to the Pioneer AppRadio. This revolutionary device was introduced in the summer of 2011 with an aim to make the integration of Apple's iOS from the iPhone into your car as seamless as possible. While at first the manufacturer, Pioneer, seemed sluggish in pushing updates or making more applications compatible (probably due to lack of knowledge about the product among app developers), they have recently been more active in making subtle improvements. I believe the AppRadio is ready for primetime!

Right from the day I had it installed in my Mazda 3 to the present moment I have continued to get to know my AppRadio. The integration makes enjoying your iPhone/iPod in your car so much easier without breaking any traffic laws. There is a serious scarcity of information available online about the usability, features and continuing development of the AppRadio. Hence this blog.

Through this blog I hope to familiarize you with the AppRadio. I have to mention that I am in no way associated with Pioneer Electronics. I am just doing this as a hobby. I am just an end user looking for the best technological experience. As the description of myself says, I am just a Tech enthusiast. So keep checking back for the latest about the AppRadio.

The best way to keep in touch with my blog is by either following me on Twitter @CRodBlogs or by simply adding to your list of favorites. You can also add an RSS feed of my blog to your favorites. If you have any specific questions about the AppRadio or any Tech in general, you can message me on Twitter or email me here. Enjoy!

Technical details about the AppRadio can be found on Pioneer's website here.

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