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Monday, November 28, 2011

DashCommand Hits A Snag!

I'm learning new things about my car through DashCommand every day. So I was playing around with it yesterday and hit a snag. DashCommand became unresponsive on the AppRadio. I haven't found out what triggered it but the app refused to take touch commands on the stereo. Other functions like iPod, radio and apps like Rdio and Pandora seemed to work without issues.

The DashCommand app worked fine on the iPhone. When I connected the cable to the AppRadio though it was unusable. Basically nothing would click on tapping. Pressing the home button on the AppRadio brought me to the main screen. The volume buttons worked too. But none of the DashCommand menu icons on the AppRadio were clickable.

Turning my car off and on again didn't help. I also tried disconnecting the OBD-II dongle (if I can call it that) and reconnecting it but to no avail. Quitting the DashCommand app on the iPhone and reopening it was useless. I even did a hard restart on my iPhone (holding down the home and sleep buttons). After these failed attempts my last resort was to reset the AppRadio by hitting the little reset button inside the door for he microSD card. This meant I had to reset the date, time and time zone for the App Radio. All my presets were lost too. But this fixed the DashCommand problem.

The problem has not reoccurred since. Check back for an update. Hopefully it won't happen again.

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