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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

JVC Kenwood To Join The Apple CarPlay + Android Auto Playing Field

At CES 2015, JVC Kenwood announced its next generation head units which will feature both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This makes the aftermarket manufacturer the third company to offer both platforms in one device. Pioneer Electronics and Parrot are the other two.

JVC Kenwood's DDX9902S and DDX9702S will offer a whole range of other options in addition to CarPlay and Android Auto. Additional details are below.

The DDC9902S will be an addition to Kenwood's eXcelon line of products and will feature a user interface that is similar to the current DDX8901. Android Auto will be available on compatible smartphones running Android 5.0 Lollipop via a USB connection, while Apple CarPlay will require a compatible iPhone connected via a lightning cable.

The DDX9702S will be the base model with fewer features than the DDX9902S but will offer both Android Auto and CarPlay.

Both head units will have HDMI ports, will support iDatalink Maestro integration and will have compatibility with HD Radio and SiriusXM support.

Pricing and availability information is not available at this time but it is likely that both products may be released this Spring alongside Pioneer's second generation NEX head units and the Parrot RNB6, which will be competitors.

The Android Auto + Apple CarPlay playing field is just beginning to take shape. Seems like head units that offer both platforms will be a norm in the coming months. I expect a few more manufacturers to join the field. Potential customers will have plenty of products to choose from in order to enjoy the latest car entertainment platforms in the vehicles they already own.

Source: JVC Kenwood

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