Monday, April 27, 2015

Nearly 5 Months Later, My AppRadio 4 Anti-Glare Screen Protector Still Rocks!

If you own a double-DIN head unit in your car (or any device with a glossy screen), you must have experience glare on a bright and sunny day. Most often the glare makes it impossible to read the screen. I used to hate not being able to see the screen on my Pioneer AppRadio 4 (SPH-DA120), especially when using navigation.

But I managed to solve the glare problem quite successfully about 5 months ago with a DIY screen protector. I posted my experience and a short how-to guide here and that post has been quite popular ever since.

Today, nearly 5 months later, I am happy to report that the screen protector still rocks and continues to keep the glare away along with a couple of other issues!
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[UPDATE] Apple Watch & CarPlay - Can They Work Simultaneously With An iPhone?


UPDATE: It turns out that CarPlay works without a Bluetooth connection at the moment. With Bluetooth turned off on the iPhone, I connected it to my AppRadio 4 and CarPlay launched without an alert. I was even able to make a phone call without Bluetooth, which begs the question: Does CarPlay require Bluetooth at all? This may change when CarPlay goes wireless though. I have updated this post to reflect this new finding.

The first wave of preorders for the Apple Watch reached customers yesterday. What I've been curious to know is whether you can use your Apple Watch to control CarPlay in any way.

In a post a few weeks back, I threw some speculations around on this topic and what the possibilities would be for an Apple Watch to play nice with CarPlay. These are the few thoughts I had...

BMW Shows Off Smart Eyewear Called MINI Augmented Vision

Google Glass may have failed at becoming a reality but Augmented Reality (AR) devices haven't lost the battle yet. A few companies are still investing in the technology and BMW is one of them.

The automaker unveiled MINI Augmented Vision recently, a pair of smart eyeglasses which are powered by MINI Connected. The project is aimed at "fusing mobility/automotive applications with the driver-centric MINI lifestyle".

BMW made the announcement through its MINI website in a press release last week. Check out what the glasses look like...

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Waze Headed To Android Auto, Could Make Your Drive Smarter

Waze is coming to Android Auto. But not in the way you think.

According to a report published on Mashable, Google is planning on bringing some of Waze's most powerful and useful features to their in-car software. Integrating Waze into Android Auto's mapping service could make your drive smarter. But there's more!

HTC Working On An In-Car Infotainment System To Rival Android Auto, CarPlay [Rumor]

Smartphone manufacturer HTC is rumored to be working on a brand new in-car infotainment system to rival Google's Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The project is being codenamed "Cello" and will bring things like navigation, media, and even night vision to your car's dashboard.

Here are some extra details...

This Koomus Car Mount Will Work With Any Smartphone You Own [Car Mount Spotlight]

Finding the perfect car mount for your smartphone isn't always easy. Depending on the vehicle you drive and your dashboard setup, your choices will vary. So if you're in a hunt for a good smartphone car mount, this may be one to look at.

The Koomus Air Vent Universal Smartphone Car Mount supports almost every smartphone in the market at the moment. It has plenty of nifty features too. More details are below the break.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

These CarPlay Compatible Apps Have Already Added Apple Watch Integration..

Apple Watch. The latest Apple device.

Apple CarPlay. Been around a while, but still very new.

How do those two work together? Well, let's see which CarPlay compatible apps have added Apple Watch integration first. That could be a major requirement for you to be able to control CarPlay from your wrist.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nokia's HERE Maps Draws Interest From Uber, Facebook, BMW And Even Apple?

Imagine a product that draws interest from companies like Facebook, Apple, BMW, Amazon, and Uber. Nokia's HERE Maps is doing just that.

According to a German magazine, Manager Magazin, the list of interested buyers for the mapping service is getting longer. Citing people familiar with the matter, Manager Magazin reports even a U.S. private equity firm Hellman & Friedman is interested.

So what does Nokia have to say about all this interest in HERE?

Watch This AutoMate Demo Video - Android Auto Interface On Your Smartphone

Just two weeks ago, I posted about AutoMate, a hack that allows users to run the Android Auto interface on their smartphone screen. To be able to use the hack, which is in beta right now, you will have to get an invite as a beta tester from the developer. But once you're on board, AutoMate seems to work pretty well.

Check out this demo video below...

TuneIn Radio Is The Latest Apple CarPlay Compatible App

I tweeted this out yesterday: "Finally, local radio on CarPlay".

Thanks to TuneIn Radio, local radio stations can now be streamed in CarPlay. The app was updated to version 7.3 with CarPlay compatibility. TuneIn offers over 100,000 radio stations to stream ranging from sports and news to music and talk radio.

More details on the CarPlay interface are below.