Monday, September 29, 2014

Pioneer AppRadio Mode Issues Not Fixed In iOS 8.0.2

Apple released iOS 8.0.2 a few days ago, soon after the buggy 8.0.1. The latest version fixes mobile connectivity and Touch ID issues that reportedly affected around 40,000 users that downloaded iOS 8.0.1.

But iOS 8.0.2 hasn't fixed any of the AppRadio Mode issues we outlined about a week ago. The same issues continue to exist when using iOS 8.0.2 with an AppRadio Mode capable Pioneer head unit. Here is a short list of those issues from our previous post...
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Mount That Gorgeous iPhone 6 Plus In Your Car With The Kenu Airframe+ [Video]

Last year we told you about the Kenu Airframe, a minimalistic phone mounting solution for your car. The Airframe supported devices up to 5-inches in size. The vent mount works great with any smartphone and is one of the more popular car mounts out there.

So what do you do if your smartphone measures more than 5-inches like the new iPhone 6 Plus? Enter, the Kenu Airframe+!

Friday, September 26, 2014

CableJive dockXtender Lightning Extension Now Available In 6-ft Version [Pictures]

We spent a lot of time last year looking for a viable lightning extension cable solution. The reason for our quest was to be able to hide the Apple digital lightning adapter that is needed to hookup an iPhone 5 or above to a Pioneer AppRadio Mode head unit.

Our search ended when CableJive released a lightning version of its "dockXtender" cable. The dockXtender cable is the most reliable option that transfers all functions through itself. The cable was released in a 2-feet version back towards the end of last year. And now, there is a 6-feet version you can buy.

The folks over at CableJive sent us the 6-feet cable for review. Check out additional pictures and details on where to buy the cable below...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Nine Missing Automaker Logos From Apple's CarPlay Lineup Are Back!

Well, the Apple CarPlay hide-and-go-seek continues. Just two days after shuffling around information on its CarPlay page, Apple has refreshed its car manufacturer lineup information.

There were eight new automakers that were added to the CarPlay lineup back in July only to be removed from the list two days ago in addition to Audi Motors. But looks like the error has been fixed, because the nine missing logos have be added again to the CarPlay page.

Here is the complete list of 29 automakers that will bring CarPlay to customers at some point in the near future...

EC Touch For AppRadio Updated To Partially Fix iOS 8 Keyboard Crash Bug

EC Touch for AppRadio became the first Pioneer AppRadio compatible app to fix the keyboard crash bug in iOS 8, albeit partially. The latest update of the app was released yesterday with the fix.

The following notification shows up within the app after you update which is why we think it is only a partial fix so far...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nine Car Manufacturer Logos Removed From Apple's CarPlay Lineup

Contrary to what we thought Apple meant by updating its CarPlay webpage today, we may still see the software in cars this year. According to Apple, CarPlay will still be "available on select new cars in 2014."

However, Apple has made one big change on its website today and that is updating its list of car manufacturers that will offer CarPlay. Nine recently added automaker logos have been removed from the list. Here they are...

Apple Sneakily Hints At CarPlay Delay By Removing "2014" From Availability Info [UPDATE: Maybe Not]

UPDATE: The top of Apple's CarPlay website actually mentions "Available on select new cars in 2014." But some car manufacturer logos have been removed from the CarPlay lineup.

Moments after Summer 2014 ended this morning, Apple decided to make a change to its CarPlay webpage. While everyone was busy scratching their heads over when CarPlay will be available, Apple dropped a subtle hint at a possible delay in delivering the software to consumers.

If you head over to Apple's CarPlay page, you will see the change.

This is what the old CarPlay page that showed the car manufacturer lineup looked like...

CBS Radio News App Added To CarPlay Compatible List

Without making any noise, Apple has added another third party app to its short (but slowly growing) list of CarPlay compatible apps. The app is CBS Radio News. The app logo now appears on the CarPlay webpage.

Here is the complete list of apps that are CarPlay compatible...

CarPlay On Pioneer NEX Was Like The Summer Guest That Never Showed Up

It's official! Summer 2014 is finally over and with it, hopes for the arrival of a much-awaited guest that never showed up. I'm talking, of course, about the CarPlay firmware update for Pioneer NEX receivers that was supposed to arrive a few months ago.

The days, weeks and months have gone by, but there hasn't been any official word from Pioneer Electronics. But then just moments ago, we received a tweet from one of our followers who managed to find a response from Pioneer UK. Here it is...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The 3-Wheeled Elio Costs Only $6,800 And Promises 84 MPG [Video]

Meet Elio, a revolutionary three-wheeled vehicles designed to get 84 miles per gallon. The company Elio Motors announced the concept a few years ago. They began accepting reservations recently and curiosity behind the vehicle has been ramping up ever since.

Check out a promo video about the Elio after the break.