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Monday, February 15, 2016

iOS 9.3 To Bring Major Upgrades To Apple CarPlay [Video]

Apple's next iteration of iOS, version 9.3, is currently in its third beta. Developers get access to beta versions to test out their apps and discover what's new in the upcoming version. Among the many improvements in iOS 9.3, changes in Apple CarPlay are the most intriguing.

Here is a quick roundup of what iOS 9.3 will bring to CarPlay.

Apple Music

The biggest improvement to CarPlay comes via the heightened integration of Apple Music. Currently, Apple Music can be used in CarPlay but only with minimal features. There is no way of accessing what's new and the 'For You' sections via CarPlay.

That's changing in iOS 9.3.

The For You and New sections will appear in CarPlay allowing users to access this content right from their car's dashboard. This is a feature which Apple Music subscribers have been looking forward to in their dashboards.

The Music app in CarPlay performs very similarly to the iPhone app. For example, your newest playlists and songs are highlighted and easy to find. The one thing you won't be able to do from CarPlay though, is adding new music to your library without using Siri.


The 'Nearby' feature will now be available in Maps on CarPlay. Nearby was introduced in iOS 9 and helps users find points of interest like gas stations, restaurants etc. much easily. It only makes sense that Apple has added Nearby to CarPlay where it is bound to be the most useful.

Other Changes

There are bound to be under-the-hood improvements to CarPlay in iOS 9.3. Apple fixes bugs and issues with every iOS update and 9.3 will do the same.

One feature that many users have wanted for a long time is rearranging icons in CarPlay. Unfortunately, iOS 9.3 doesn't seem to have that included.

Here's a demo video from 9to5Mac showing CarPlay in action in iOS 9.3 beta...

Video source: 9to5Channel via YouTube
Image source: Apple

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