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Thursday, November 8, 2012

CommuteWX: An AppRadio Compatible Weather App

Over the last month or so there have been a few new apps that have joined the AppRadio compatibility environment. One of those is CommuteWX. This app became AppRadio compatible on October 12, 2012. CommuteWX is a weather information app. Read along for more details.

First and foremost, I must mention that the iOS version of CommuteWX is the one compatible with AppRadio and AppRadio 2. Also, the app is not free; it costs $2.99 in the App Store. This is not a review of the app since I haven't been able to use it with my AppRadio yet. The reason being I upgraded to the iPhone 5 recently and obviously can't use advanced app mode. I will wait until Pioneer works out a workaround for iPhone 5 compatibility with the AppRadio to write a full review.

CommuteWX features live weather radar maps
Here's detailed information about the app from the App Details in the App Store. From the looks of it, it seems like a useful app. I'm not sure if it will be worth the price though. We shall have to wait and see.

App Description:
CommuteWX provides real-time weather information (current, forecast, enroute) compatible with most app enabled car stereo devices. 
Weather conditions are featured in large, easy to read graphics in a streamlined user interface that's well suited for in-vehicle travel. Users will be provided real-time current and forecasted weather data (based on GPS location). 
* Large, easy to read graphics and text for optimal viewing 
* Current weather includes temperature, sky condition, wind direction ans speed, chance of percipitation and more. 
* Forecast Weather: CommuteWX provides forecasted weather Informationk for the current location via text and graphical output. Text Information includes weather for the present day, as well as for the next day; a 5-day forecast is also presented displaying predominate weather and high/low temperatures. 
* Intuitive Settings: Users have the option of selecting their preferred unit of measurement (US Customary or Metric) and rate of refresh for the weather reports. 
* Destination Weather: CommuteWX provides forecasted weather information for your favorite locations. 
* Weather Radar: Real-time location-based weather radar loop (based on GPS) and cumulative radar data from reporting weather stations. 
We rely heavily on user feedback and are constantly striving to make sure you get the most for your purchase! Please follow us on Twitter @ILSApps and send recommendations and feature requests to 
Version 1.2.1  
We've read the reviews and we are constantly working to improve CommuteWX for our users! Here is a list of upgrades this release:
- Fixed parking brake detection for display while driving 
- Updated for iOS 6.0 
- Optimized for iPhone 5 
- Updated weather API for improved radar display and looping 
- Updated for new Pioneer SDK for AppRadio2 
- Various bug fixes for improved responsiveness 
The link to purchase and download the latest version of CommuteWX from the App Store is here.

A full review is coming soon so check back later.

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