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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Buy The CableJive "dockXtender" Lightning Version From Amazon [Deals]

CableJive's recently released lightning version of the "dockXtender" cable can now be purchased on Amazon for a lower price. It is also eligible via Amazon Prime for FREE two-day shipping. Links to purchase are below the break.

With Amazon Prime the cable is available for $24.95. Amazon doesn't charge sales tax to most states and shipping is FREE with Prime.

To purchase the extension cable click the link below.

The "dockXtender" has a female lightning port at one end and a male port at the other, enabling users to extend any lightning connection with full functionality. The cable costs $25.95 if purchased from CableJive directly. Add shipping costs to that and the price balloons to over $30.


  1. I wish they made a 3ft version, 2ft is too short in my car.

  2. I'm not sure why they went with 2ft, I really need 3ft in my car. 3ft is the magic number usually. (1m)

  3. Grabbed one and it's working perfectly for me.

  4. Has anyone bought two extensions and connected them together?

  5. Hi AJ,
    I bought two extensions and connect them together. It works!


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